Worth it

I got two new dresses today. I can’t say what a boost to my morale it was to try them each on, and they fit AND make my tummy look adorable. To top it off, Zach liked both, and later told me that I wear a pregnant tummy well!

To know why this makes me feel so great, I need to tell you that 3 out of 5 work days, I spend half an hour and nearly cry getting dressed… because:

a) It’s cute, comfortable and looks nice on me but I’ve already worn it this week (applies to dresses and shirts)

b) I’ve worn it so many times this week it really needs washed before I put it on my body one more time (pants)

c) It’s comfortable, but how many days can I wear yoga pants to work?

d) It’s not comfortable, but it’s clean/it makes me look like a house, but it’s clean/it doesn’t match, but it’s clean

Up to this point I’ve mostly purchased inexpensive maternity clothes at Target or online at Motherhood Maternity – because these are not something I’ll be wearing again next year, right? Plus, it’s not like I ever spent that much on my wardrobe anyway. I’ve gotten a couple things via GAP Maternity when a coupon came to my email and noticed the quality and fit was better. So when I got an Amazon notification of a sale on maternity clothes, I checked that out and found a couple of very cute Everly Gray dresses at 25% off – which put them into the Target/Motherhood price range. What I decided, once I tried them on, was that they were worth it even at full price and I just want to tell all new moms-to-be: Get at least a few nice maternity things.  Save yourself the misery of standing in front of your mirror dressed in something that either you hate or you really should not wear in public, much less to your professional arena. Save yourself tears/frustration/resignation/the slow convincing of your husband that he now lives with a dowdy matron.

So here’s a little fashion parade- the two new dresses plus one other cute outfit I threw together. (And yes, that’s the crib in the background of the photos!)

Everly Gray Lexington dress, via Amazon.com

Everly Gray Uma wrap dress, via Amazon.com

Xhilaration tunic, via Target, with yoga pants I can't remember where I bought


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