Finland’s gift to its babies

Without provoking any discussions of socialism and it’s merits or failings, I’d like to say that Finland does a beautiful thing for its mothers and babies. Every pregnant mother in Finland, since 1949, has received a maternity grant in the form of a large box filled with items needed for their newborn baby. Mothers can opt for a financial grant if they prefer, but 2/3 choose the box. What is in the box? See for yourself!

Snowsuit and booties, sleepers, rompers, onesies, overalls, and pants, socks, cloth diapers, towels and washcloths, swaddling blankets, hats, nail clippers, a book and a toy, condoms and breast pads, and even a mattress and sleeping bag that fits in the box, in case you need a place for the baby to sleep. Each year the designs and colors of the items change. You can see the individual pieces here, and read about the history of the program here too.

My friend Lisa sent me a link from Oh Dee Doh about this, and it just made me feel so happy – I can imagine how it would feel to get that package in the mail. I like to imagine the babies are grateful too, to be welcomed by their motherland as graciously as they are welcomed by their mothers. Oh that babies everywhere could be welcomed in such a sweet way.


4 responses to “Finland’s gift to its babies

  • Nona

    We do have something simular~it’s called baby showers!!!

  • DragonKat

    Sure but they have those in Finland too ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Nona

    Ah….well then Finland’s way is better!

    • DragonKat

      It wasn’t a better/worse kind of thing – I just thought it was cool. Also there are lots of people who have awesome family and friends like me helping them get together all the things they need – but there are also people who don’t have that kind of network. I’m learning that there are all kinds of things you need to have, and I think, if I didn’t have you guys, I’d be overwhelmed. And I’m a pretty smart lady. If I were younger, poorer, or a single mom help like this would be so encouraging. Maybe I’m partial but right now I think anything that makes a mom feel good is a very good thing! ๐Ÿ™‚

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