Find me a pillow

I have not posted here in almost two weeks. Mainly because I’ve been either occupied or too tired. Or both, probably both.  In fact, I’m so tired lately that I start crying pretty easily when I want to sleep and can’t. I saw my midwife yesterday and mentioned being really tired in the last week or so. She suggested an innovative solution: sleep more. I sigh. I wish. But I have a lot of things to do…

Work, for one, obviously. I like my job and I’ve taken on new responsibilities that are demanding a lot of creative thinking and quick responses. Which is all good – but god, some afternoons I just feel like a zombie (first trimester, anyone?) and get cranky very easily. By late afternoon I feel better and more productive.

When I get home, I have a bad habit of reading or knitting (more on the baby blanket and baby sweaters later!) instead of taking a nap. That evening surge of energy makes me think I’m not tired, but after dinner and a little t.v. I am about to crash.  It does not help that we’re night owls by nature so bed time tends to be late anyway. It also does not help that I have to get up to pee several times each night, or that finding a comfortable sleeping position is getting more challenging.

Mornings are rough too. I don’t feel rested, and I’m so sluggish that I’m getting to work later than usual. (Thankful for flexible boss!) When I’m tired, I don’t really want to make or eat breakfast, though I do it. I drag into work and mull over emails for far too long…

The weekend is ahead. There will be opportunities for rest, but I do have two photo shoots on Sunday, and editing on a previous job to complete.I don’t even want to think about the work still needing done in our bedroom – moving it around has led to more upheaval than settling in, so far.

Zach’s birthday will be fun – dinner with his Dad and step-mom will be a nice treat on Saturday.

But mostly, I want a pillow.


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