Baby’s first sweater

A hand knit pullover for Red Bean.

I was knitting with the comers to Looped Yarn Works last Thursday when the shopkeeper announced summer cotton blend yarns going on sale at 30% regular price. I needed to reserve funds for our New York trip that weekend but come Tuesday I was there, armed with a couple of simple baby sweater patterns, to purchase some  yarn. I left set for three sweaters that, due to an overbuy of one yarn, is now enough for four sweaters. Sweater one came off the needles and got finished tonight – just four days after casting it on. From a free pattern called Filipe by Joji Locatelli, I adapted it slightly by choosing a different color for the top ribbing. I love the green and gray together. Just need a little pair of gray pants and a comfy onesie underneath for early spring or winter indoor wear. I have plenty more of the green, along with a cream in the same yarn, so plan to make the same pattern in a green and cream stripe next time around. I leave the other  yarns I bought to be a surprise for future posts!


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