Tomorrow marks 20 weeks for me and the Bean. The half-way point.

We’re having a half-way party tonight with a few friends and one grandpa. I’m grateful for those who will celebrate with us, those who already have, and those – like everyone who’s reading this blog – who are welcoming our little person into the world. I’m so happy our little one already has so many wonderful friends.

I love being pregnant. I love having this little person inside me and feeling the weird, herky-jerky motions of it’s hidden life. Each roll and kick is assurance to me that brain and muscles are going strong, and hearing that heartbeat at prenatal visits makes me feel proud – “good baby!” I say, “Way to go, Red Bean!” I love my growing tummy and love tolerate getting up at night to pee a million times. I love am amused by my endless appetite and love am baffled by the way summer heat reduces me to a cussing rag-doll.

I love when my husband puts his warm hand over my tummy, intent on catching the moment that Red Bean’s kicks become strong enough to feel from the outside, and I love him for his disappointment at having to wait (and wait…) for that moment to come. I love the way he puts headphones on my belly at night to play music to the baby.

I love visiting my midwives. Visiting friends with babies.

I love eating eggs.

The next 20 weeks will be even more eventful than the last – as the countdown to life with baby ticks away. I love this baby!




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