Heat wave

I am very grateful for the timing of this pregnancy. I love DC even though we’re known for our sweltering summers – after all, the land used to be a swamp. But this week we’re tying or breaking records for heat, number of days of heat and heat indices. Today actual temp was 100 with a heat index of 110. We’re expected to break records for highest minimum temp tonight when most of the city will be lucky to drop to 90 overnight, and tomorrow should be the peak of this mountain of a heat wave with actual temps of 103 predicted. I am grateful every minute to be only halfway through pregnancy, and not 8 or 9 or more months along right now. It’s bad enough for those not pregnant at all, but for those who’s body temps are all wonky, good lord… I can’t imagine being anywhere right now but in front of my A/C, or possibly in a triple play at a cool movie theater with a slushie and some junior mints.

I’ll take week-long blizzards over this any day. Just, please, not when my midwives are en route to the birth.


2 responses to “Heat wave

  • DragonKat

    I should mention that I’m a total weather geek thanks to the awesome meteorologists at Capital Weather Gang – our local supreme weather geeks extraordinaire. All weather data in the above post attributed to their frequent tweets of current conditions. #addictedtoweather

  • Nona

    That prefering cold over this God-awful heat, that’s yor Montana blood coming out!!

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