A little flurry of activity

Something about Red Bean’s first kicks set off a cascade of birth preparation activity!

BirthCare, my midwives’ practice, has 4 midwives who share call. Additionally, they require that I chose from among their partner birth assistants the assistant I wish to be the second person at the birth. So from their list of partner assistants, I chose a few to contact and set up meetings with. One of the choices, well-liked by my friend Ann (who also used BirthCare) was actually not available at my due date because of Christmas holidays. Another was available and we arranged to meet. And the third that I called works in a group of three assistants who share their own “call” and cover for each other in case of two moms being in labor at once. They have monthly meet & greets for prospective parents to meet all three of them together before committing.

Once those meetings were set up, I went over to the yoga studio around the corner from my office and signed up for their newcomer’s special – one month unlimited yoga for $50, and registered for the Wednesday evening prenatal yoga class.

Today, I met with the first of the birth assistants over lunch at Teaism, down the street from my office (have  I mentioned how conveniently my office is located?) and we had a great two-hour conversation about her style, my style, her background and mine, what I’m looking for and what she offers. Her skill and experience seemed excellent and I enjoyed her very forthright and open manner.  I do make judgments based on intuition and first impressions and I was very happy with her.

I’ll be meeting with the three partner assistants in just a few days. Once I’ve settled on our birth assistant, I’ll begin the next step: securing a pediatrician and taking care of paperwork at our back-up hospital (our midwives require us to pre-register at our hospital of choice in the event a transport is necessary, to ensure a smooth transition). And then, just about 5 weeks from now, our childbirth class series begins.

It feels good to be actively doing something – both having the energy to do things, and checking items off the to-do list. It also feels wonderful to have our baby wriggling and occasionally kicking inside – making himself or herself known. We can’t wait until Zach can feel it too. I am beginning to sense a bit of escalation, and I want to embrace it, but also to keep my patience and resist the temptation to live only for the next milestone. Every day is a milestone when you’ve only been around for 18 weeks, right Red Bean?


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