July 14th

I felt the baby move!

Descriptions of this feeling that I’ve heard so far are completely inadequate. First, it’s so freaking subtle you can hardly be sure and you’ve probably felt it before you’re really sure you’ve felt it. It does not feel like gas, no matter what the books say. And that’s a cruel joke anyway because pregnant ladies actually have some gas (thanks to slower digestion). So who’s mean idea was it to say, “Oh, that gas you have could be your baby moving. Oh, no, you farted, guess it’s not…”?

What I thought it felt like? You know those pairs of silver balls some people have on their office desks that you hold in your palm and make them circle each other. It felt like two of those little balls making circles for a few seconds at a time. After I’d ruled out it being my pulse, and held my breath a little to be as still as possible, I felt it. And felt it again. Keep it up, Red Bean! Make those little muscles work!

Quickening: 17 weeks+6 days. Beautiful!


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