Boy or Girl: Old Wives Tales

Thanks to this fun site, I learned a number of new ways to predict Red Bean’s gender. I present the following fascinating old wives tales (all pasted from the belllybelly site) and my answers:

Linea Nigra

Latin for ‘black line’, a linea nigra may appear on your belly during pregnancy (some women wont get it – doesn’t mean anything!). This is a purple/brownish line which extends down the middle of your belly to your pubic area, about 1cm in width. It’s known that hormones cause the linea nigra pigmentation, but it’s not known why it forms in the vertical line that it does. The old wives tale is this – if you get a línea nigra and it runs from your pubic area to your belly button only, it’s a girl, and if it goes all the way up from your pubic area to the bottom-most part of you rib cage, then it’s a boy.

Don’t have one. No help there.

Carrying High or Low?

This is a well known old wives tale – so many people will want to look at your belly and think they can guess just from looking! So as the tale goes, if you are carrying low, it’s a boy, or if you’re carrying high it’s a girl. We wont tell them that the way the baby is carried is actually a reflection of your own body shape, muscle, baby’s position and other physical factors!

Too soon to tell I think.

Dry or Soft?

If your skin is dry, you’re said to be having a boy – and if it’s soft, then a girl is on the way.

Noticeably drier. One for boy.

What’s Baby’s Heartrate?

First, to set the record straight, until it’s born, your baby’s heartrate will not be affected by it’s gender. But so they say, if you’re carrying a girl, then baby’s heartrate will be above 140bpm (beats per minute). A boy is said to have a heart rate under 140bpm. A study published in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine (1996) has dismissed this theory, as has other research. Your baby’s heart rate will change often during a pregnancy, depending on the baby’s age and it’s movement. Anything from 120-160bpm is normal for an unborn baby.

Red Bean’s heart rate was 144 bpm. Point for girl but quite borderline.

Your Flowing Locks

Has your hair become thinner and dull? Or full-bodied and glossy? Thin and dull says girl, gorgeous and glossy says a boy.

Growing fast and shiny – though it’s too danged hot in DC to enjoy it. Point boy.

Ahhh, Now I Know Why We Learn Maths At School!

Because if you combine your age at the time of conception with the number of the month you conceived and the resulting number is odd – then it’s a girl on the way. If the resulting number is even, then it’s a boy for you.

Age 34 plus 3 for month of March = 37. Point for girl.

Sweet, Salty or Sour?

Another well known old wives tale!!! Are you craving sweet foods like juice, fruits and chocolate? if so, old wives say that you could be having a girl. But if you’re craving sour or salty foods, then you could be having a boy. It’s also said that if you are having a boy, you will crave protein like meat and dairy. I have trouble believing this one because I think we’d be overrun by a population of females – we all love chocolate pregnant or not!

In spite of my manicurist saying sour meant girl, this seems to indicate sour/salty means boy. The meat and dairy craving is through the roof – it’s protein city over here. No word on craving spicy… but I think, point boy.

Morning Sickness?

Did you experience morning sickness in early pregnancy? If you did, then you’re said to be carrying a girl, but if you didn’t have morning sickness, then it’s a boy.

Mild quease and insane tiredness, but no morning sickness – nada. Point for boy (and whatever was behind that, thanks!)

Cold Feet?

If your feet get colder than they used to pre-pregnancy, it’s a sign you have a boy on the way. If your feet are the same, then it’s a girl!

Totally the same. Point for girl.

How Do You Look?

Do you look better than ever while pregnant? Or has the pregnancy done your looks no favours? As it goes, if you look great during pregnancy, then you are carrying a boy. If you don’t look too flash, you’re having a girl, because she’s stolen all your good looks!

I feel and (I think) look great. In fact, I love being pregnant. If anyone who sees me disagrees… keep it to your damn self. Point boy.

North or South?

When you sleep, is your pillow north or south? If it’s north, then expect a boy, or south means a girl is on the way.

If my bed were a bus, I’d be on 16th Street headed to Silver Spring. For those of you who don’t know DC geography, that’s due north. Point boy.

Pimples, Schmiples…

If you get acne during pregnancy, apparently you’re having a girl, and if you don’t, then you’re carrying a boy.

None to speak of, so thanks again and point boy.

Hairy Legs?

Has the hair on your legs grown faster than normal? Or has it grown just like normal? Because if it’s growing faster than it did pre-pregnancy, then you’re said to be having a boy.

Yes, growing faster. Buy stock in Gillette and buy me a blue baby gift.

The tally: 8 Old Waves Tales say boy. 3 Old Wives Tales say girl. Predictions include the manicurist’s mistaken interpretation of sweet/sour thus claiming it’s a girl and my mom’s prediction of girl against a friend’s dream that our baby is a boy. Whatever it is, I’m gonna snuggle the dickens out of it.


4 responses to “Boy or Girl: Old Wives Tales

  • Elizabeth

    I’m really feeling like it’s a boy. But I’ve felt that way since day one. My opinion is free. 😉 I can’t wait to know.

  • cultstagemonkey

    Snuggling dickins’ is what got you into this mess in the first place 😉

    …and craving for spicy is an indicator of Cajun.

  • Cynthia

    Your mom said girl because she adores shopping for girls!

  • Letty

    I have to say though wive’s tales are always fun, I don’t put much stock in them. According to many of those you listed – at least the ones that applied – I should’ve had a son the first time out, but I had a daughter. … also, how do I “like” cultstagemonkey’s comment? ’cause I thumb it up! 😉

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