I may have changed demographics…

The last time (before yesterday) I got a Free Gift with an order, it was those little disposable toothbrushes with a dab of toothpaste on them that you can drop in your purse and use if you sense a sudden need to brush your teeth – like, if you get lucky and someone wants to make out with you at the club, or like if you were pigging out with friends at Terry’s Garlic and Curry Emporium and realized you had a dentist appointment across town in ten minutes…


The real last time I got a Free Gift was yesterday. My order of a maternity skirt and a cute maternity blouse came in yesterday. In the package, a free gift: Nuk Ultra-dry Disposable Breast Pads. I think there are six in there, to get me started, to get me hooked. It’s like a little message from the cosmos: no more clubbing and garlic-infused dental runs for you, missy. Your boobs are gonna dripping everywhere soon.


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