Baby hammocks

I’ve spent a week of evenings now researching baby hammocks!

While I was in LOVE with the bassinet/crib I picked out, I’m becoming more convinced that a baby hammock is the way to go with a wee one. Like the bassinet form of my chosen crib, a baby hammock is designed for babies from newborn to around 6 months, but unlike any flat sleeping surface, hammocks gently mimic the natural curve a baby’s back, helping them to sleep comfortably on their backs as recommended. The shape of the hammock also mimics the snuggly womb they’re used to, helping, so all the testimonials and articles I’ve read say, with colic issues as well as helping babies sleep comfortably for longer stretches at a time.

Ideally, one more of their charms is that they are small and can hang from the ceiling. Challenge for me is, in our current apartment, our ceiling is concrete. So we’ve got to talk to building maintenance to see if they will allow, and also can assist us, to install the necessary hardware in the ceiling. The other option, and actually a lovely one, is a hammock stand – but the drawback is the stands add upwards of another hundred-fifty dollars to the cost, and most of them have such a wide base that they’d actually claim more floor space than a crib. A few of the stands  have a lovely T-shaped leg design that would make better use of space, but naturally the better design costs more.

The other factor on my mind is that the crib I love is considerably cheaper sans its bassinet conversion feature. It’s also widely available via Craigslist at better prices, again, sans it’s bassinet conversion feature. As lovely as is that bassinet, I’m thinking if we can solve the ceiling/stand dilemma, I want to go with a snuggly hammock for baby Red Bean.


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