Happiness is a BeBand!

Not my belly, someone elses.

Friend Ann pointed me in the direction of a miracle item called a Bella Band – a snug, stretchy band of fabric designed to slip over those pants that won’t zip/button over a growing tummy. On Saturday, annoyed with my dwindling clothing options, I was scoping Target for something cheap and comforting, and found Bella Band’s “Target Exclusive” brand Be Maternity, and their BeBand – a Bella Band for about $10 less than the brandier Bella option. Same deal, and unless the Bella Band also sings me Simon & Garfunkel covers I cannot imagine how it can be any better than the BeBand. I’ve got a snug but comfy band holding up my work pants and hiding the half-zipped unbuttoned front of them. No one knows (well, except everyone that I’ve shown this marvel to today) and I’ve just gotten another month out of my normal wardrobe.


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