I am a procrastinator. So I knew it would take asking for help to deal with two large drawers plus a box of framed photos taking up the tiny portion of space in our bedroom that will be Red Bean’s territory in a few more months. I have a beautiful dresser that belonged to my Grammy & Pawpaw, and they gave to me. Given a) our shortage of storage space and b) our plaster walls no good for hanging stuff on, I’d used the dresser to hold the many, many, …many framed photos I’ve acquired in years of camera toting good times. But now the dresser is meant for Red Bean and the photos need to a) be put on the walls or b) go away.

I enlisted my best friend to help me start and finish this task, and on Saturday afternoon we emptied all the pics onto the bed, sorted by my love for each given picture, and with a lesson in the marvels of 3M wall hanging stickimajiggits, put pictures up all over the house, shed the unwanted frames and no longer loved images, and left the dresser prepped for cuddly new babywares. In between the work, we ate watermelon, discussed weighty matters, went out for Mexican food, explored Target’s baby section (I’d never ventured to that daunting corner before) and sipped a splash of white wine. (Admission, yes, a splash: deal with it!)

It was a wonderful evening’s work and I am very grateful to have a friend who is not averse to prodding me through daunting tasks, or to sweeping up dust bunnies that I pretend not to see. Thanks, darling!

I’m also grateful to have a dresser standing ready for our new family member. *giggle*


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