I had coffee today with an old acquaintance from a book club I was part of a few years ago. Ann was one of the women in the club whose smile, humor and taste amused me, and I really enjoyed her company. When I stopped going to the book club dinners though, I lost touch – except of course, for good old Facebook! And thank god! When I mentioned on Facebook that I’d decided on the midwives at Birthcare, Ann sent me a message saying she’d had them for her birth, just about three months earlier. So we made plans to get together for coffee, and I’m so glad we did.

I felt so good talking to someone with the same ideas as me about birth, and someone so level headed and cool about babies. Also nice to commiserate over all the weird and wonderful things that happen during pregnancy – from sore boobs and unsolicited advice to baby dreams and childbirth classes. I even held Violet for a little while, chubby and cooing. I’m so glad we reconnected at this particular moment in our lives – I really don’t many moms, and Ann’s a cool mom!


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