Week Twelve – happy dances!

That’s right – happy dances. Because mama isn’t in a walking fog anymore!

Most days I’m completely awake for the normal percentage of daylight hours. What a relief it is to see the clock hit 3:30 at work and NOT be already dying for a nap. Don’t mistake me – I still take that nap when I get home.  But my bones have stopped leaking tired juice into every fiber of my being. I’ll take it!

The other neat thing about week 12: baby tummy! Admittedly I had some Katie-tummy existing there already, but there is clearly baby growth going on down there now – my pants all fit up at my waist but not so much over my tummy comfortably. So I’m on the hunt for stretchy pants and skirts that can blend in enough at work to pass as business-casual.

Red Bean is the size of a LIME! And can apparently open and close it’s hands,  kick it’s legs and wiggle around in it’s watery den. I’m guessing it can also perform moderately difficult acrobatics, curl it’s tongue and graph simple equations. The Red Bean drawer is filling up with little socks, onesies, sleepers and blankets.  It’s hard to believe we’re almost through the first trimester. At some point I’m going to have to get the rest of the drawers emptied out, and make decisions on some of the “stuff’ taking up space that will be much needed for Red Bean’s crib.

I’m SO looking forward to hearing Red Bean’s heartbeat at the midwife visit next week.

In other “happy dances” news,  Zach got a new job. He’ll be starting next week, at a software development company, as their system administrator. It’s a promising new position with a great starting salary. All of which is great for our little family-to-be.


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