Week Eleven, strawberries and shopping

Things I’ve bought (pregnancy related) in the last couple of weeks in bold.

Cajun babies need hot peppers

Onsies, mostly via Zulily.com, which is one of my new favorite web sites. I’m acquiring a little stash of basic baby items. Today I bought the outfit in the picture! Appropo, mais cher: Red Bean’s got Tabascos! And for the mama, the time has come to purchase a couple of pairs of stylish yet stretchy pants. Pseudo yoga pants to the rescue. While I have not yet gained any weight, my pants are starting to feel tight – a weird experience. Red Bean is the size of a strawberry this week, which is kind of sweet since I’ve been eating strawberries all week. Actual quote from The Pregnancy Count-Down Book: “Your baby is working it’s way up the pregnancy fruit bowl.” Life-saving food items of the week: low-fat cottage cheese! Not sure why but it’s one of the things that ALWAYS tastes good right now, so creamy and salty. Cheers to the protein and calcium. Speaking of protein, the Red Bean seems to crave meat. And if not outright meaty meat, eggs will do – scrambled eggs almost every morning now. My prenatal vitamins, hefty, midwife-approved over-the-counter prenatal vitamins, were on sale at Whole Foods last week so I bought two months worth, then called to request a letter from said approving midwife so my Flexible Spending Account will reimburse me.  Last but not least, I purchased a video game and anniversary card for my husband, and we celebrated our 2nd anniversary winelessly at our favorite Italian restaurant. After which, I took a two-hour nap until it was time for bed. Fortunately for us lovebirds, we’d gotten it on before dinner. The best things in life are free*.

*The best things in life are in italics.


2 responses to “Week Eleven, strawberries and shopping

  • kristi

    So this woman oohs and ahs and falls in love with a chili pepper onsie in the store beside me – and i say to myself ‘GREAT! I will come back and buy this for her – I know she loves it! What a treat!’ And before the day is out she has purchased it and posted it on facebook. 😐 *grumbles and gives squinty eye*

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