Presents from Nona

Thanks, Mom, for the package that arrived yesterday!

Onesies for Red Bean, some cute maternity t-shirts for me, and some pregnancy books, including a daddy book for Zach. One of the books, Jenny McCarthy’s Belly Laughs is, I am embarrassed to admit, absolutely hilarious.

Also one more public thank you to Amanda Hirsch for recommending the amazing cookbook Power Foods. Lots of easy recipes for things that can be eaten in small amounts – which is how I am eating right now. Packing one lunch per day was hard enough – imagine packing for the need to eat a little bit every two hours without any idea what might actually sound palatable when the moment to eat strikes. It’s a pain in the ass. Plus, making sure what I am eating is good for me and good for baby – since I am not woefully sick I cannot justify eating whatever I want right now, like most of the books counsel for first trimester. I can eat well, though many things I usually like don’t sound good at all most of the time. So I am trying to make sure I’m getting the most from what I can/will eat. Power Foods and some money to blow at Whole Foods is helping with that.

Need first trimester gift ideas? Whole Foods gift card would be nice. *wink*


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