Midwife secured!

I’ve known for more than a decade that when the time came I’d have a midwife and, barring unforeseen complications, a home birth. In fact, when I moved to the DC area, I went to a midwife practice for my GYN care, knowing when the time came it would be good to have a history with them. Still, when it came time to decide on a midwife, I wanted to look at my options. DC is one of those rotten places where non-nurse midwves have no legal status, still, a few practice in the area and I had a preference for the non-nurse midwife mainly because that was my experience during my years of midwifery apprenticeship. BirthCare, where I was seeing midwives for my GYN care was a nurse-midwife practice, so I made them one option and set out to interview non-nurse midwives. From recommendations and web pages I narrowed down those I wanted to talk with.

Two I very much wanted to talk to don’t cover DC, and one was planning to be in Haiti over the Christmas holidays, when I am due. That left me with one to interview and after a phone call to discuss some basic questions, she visited us for a consultation. It was not a match. She was late arriving (not just the 30 minutes late she called to tell me to expect, but another 20 minutes late beyond that) and bless her heart, she smelled like goats. Now I happen to know she raises goats and milks them on her farm and I think that is awesome. But I don’t want to smell it when you come to meet me. She defintely seemed to know her stuff, and had practiced in many places over  many years. By all accounts an excellent midwife. But I felt no connection. I felt the need to put her at ease and conversation did not flow. We talked for about an hour and she went on her way, goat-scent and all.

That brings us to today, a pre-natal appointment with BirthCare. At BC, during your prenatal care you meet each of the five midwives who share call in this practice, and you have the choice of birth center or home birth. We had our appointment with midwife Lisa and with Rebecca, a student midwife. Lisa was awesome, funny, at ease, directed the conversation, answered questions, asked questions, and generally encouraged. Rebecca was terrific too. I was thrilled with the process and feel wonderful about using BirthCare. I hope I enjoy each midwife there as much as I enjoyed Lisa. It feels good to secure a caregiver – one thing OFF my mental list of things to do. Cheers!


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