From bean to grape

Hey there, Red Bean!

Updates have been formally requested!

Red Bean, just two weeks ago jumping from lentil to blueberry, has in this week gone from kidney bean to grape! I am curious about theblueberry to kidney bean jump but I think the inventors of this food-based baby-development system are considering length and not overall volume in their assessment. I try to imagine a small blueberry, followed by a plump, cooked kidney bean… take this as you will. By week 9, which begins on Saturday, Red Bean will be the size a grape.

For sake of comparison, let's pretend that little green grape is the side of a lentil...

On the maternal front, I am still in the fog of My Drowsy Serenity. I told someone a few days ago, it’s not quite tiredness, it’s more like nearly debilitating peacefulness. I do need more sleep, and when I sleep it’s deep and velvety and wonderful. I have dreams of babies who are mine and who talk to me in fully-formed adult sentences, except that they don’t know the most basic things and I have to explain everything.
I had my first cry last night. Zach is waiting to hear back from a job he wants and extremely frustrated with his current job; I learned that my job covers just 22 days of maternity leave, plus whatever vacation/sickleave you wish to use. That’s not many days to give birth and be with your newborn. Why, America, do you hate your mothers and babies? My brain gets overloaded with concerns about x number of pay check to save money and purchase things we need before the baby comes. And I stayed up too late… which led to crying. Zach is the best – he knows just what I need to hear to calm down. Our mantra: people poorer and stupider than us do this every day. We’ll be ok.
And the house is clean, we’re interviewing a midwife this afternoon, birds are singing and the sun is shining. Once I get a shower, all will be right with the world.

3 responses to “From bean to grape

  • kristi

    *hugs* and i like your mantra.
    I met a mother on Sunday who’s 4-yr-old twins ate ‘wee-wees’ (aka-RAISINS). In comparison you two will be just fine.

  • Elizabeth

    what a great update!!! Can’t wait to hear about the midwife… Are you going to have the baby at home? I totally WILL come up there to help. (Can’t remember if I told you that or not…?)

  • DragonKat

    Did not like her. She was very late arriving, smelled like goats, and had dirt under her fingernails. She was sweet and seemed to know her stuff, but not what I am looking for. (She does actally live on a farm and has goats…)

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