Dinner with Nana (TBD) and Grandude

First family celebration of Red Bean’s impending arrival: dinner at Willow with Dave & Donna, along with Chico & Sylvia and the kids, Ian and Kesia. Red Bean’s first gift: a large, soft, furry stuffed dog just like the one Zach had when he was baby, called Brownie. In fact, Zach brought his own Brownie home from Avy’s house just a couple of weeks ago – loved nearly to shreds by long-ago boy-Zach. Brownie II has long fur so it should take Red Bean many years to love him  bald. Chico and Sylvia gave us a picture frame for the sonogram picture. There’s a little “filler” picture in there already – who would ever know if it was the right picture?!

Red Bean is blessed with six grandparents!  Nona and Pawpaw (my parents) already have their names picked out because of cousins Piper and Levi. But Avy is picking her name (Steve has grandchildren but I don’t know what his grandparent name is). Dave is happy to be Grandude, and Donna is still picking hers but leans toward Nana. It’s adorable watching other members of our family prepare for Red Bean, too.


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