Lessons from week one of being pregnant

It’s very awesome to find out you’re pregnant, and boom, you’re four weeks pregnant! Sounds more official than “our blastocyst is about to implant”, which is what’s actually happening. Now,  a week later I’m five weeks along, and the Red Bean’s heart has started beating. Here are some things I’ve learned about being very newly pregnant:

1) Your boobs can hurt in the most unexpected ways. Who knew nipples could feel like they’re on fire? Or, as one book I’ve been reading puts it, “those two mountains of bitter agony and regret on your chest.”

2) Cramps in early pregnancy are normal – who knew? And even knowing that, it’s still frightening and I still took a second pregnancy test because I was afraid something was wrong. But all’s well, I’m still pregnant.

3) “Oh, I’m pregnant” now explains everything from why I am thirsty, to why I am peeing, to why I want a nap, or a pickle.

4) I have superhuman powers of smell. Fortunately I mostly smell wonderful things like the blossoms on the trees and the fresh dirt in yards that I pass. I thought my coffee was fresher but it’s just my nose. But also I smelled our elderly receptionist yesterday. And my laundry. So… pluses and minuses there.


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