Ring out the old

It’s almost the end of 2010 and sometimes I get terrified of all that 2011 holds for us.

College courses, the prospect of getting a house – or of not being able to get one, and the prospect of bringing a baby into the world, in the midst of all our other projects.  How do I work, study, and stay healthy and sane while making a baby in my belly? Will I be nauseous all the time? Will I eat crazy things? Will I be too tired to get my math homework done? Will pregnant-brain erase my hard earned new math skills? How can I get my house cleaned up enough to lose a small child in it? Will I look so fat I hate to see myself? Will I look like a pile of playdough afterwards? Can we afford the things a baby needs, now and in the future? How will we tolerate giving up the freedom and mobilty we enjoy now? Is this a good idea?


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